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Changkhui 246 Web Accessibility
1 Hours 5 Minutes - September 15, 2014
You may view on YouTube at
It has been a long awaiting topic that we would like to discuss but never quite find the right person to talk to, until we went to the Joomla Day event ( We met Mr.Chalaivate Pipatpannawong from and at the event and covered the Web Accessibility topic. So invited him over to share the knowledge of the topic and how the Thai IT and web developers handle the topic. He also showed some of the good practice and some which failed.
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KiloZeo 11 Pla and her ordeal through nasal cavity cancer
1 Hour 30 Minutes - June 16, 2014
You may view on YouTube at
We have met a few runners in our programs, but no one has gone through such painful as the runner in this episode. Pla, a thirty-something runner, was a serious runner who managed a mini-marathon, 10.5km, in 56 minutes before she was diagnosed with Nasal Cavity Cancer (Nasopharynx Cancer) in 2009. It was like she was hit by a car with no warning. She went through 8 months of painful experience during the treatment, including chemotherapy. She came out fully recovered with no muscles left. She could only ran 300 meters before she was out of breath. That was 2010. In June 8, 2014, this year, she managed to finish a minimarathon on Laguna Phuket International Marathon in 1 hour 4 minutes. This was her story. You may visit her at

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Mai Hlap Mai Non 86 Drama 2 by Rud
1 Hour 54 Minutes - July 20, 2014
You may view on YouTube at
Seriously, this is a non-sense episode, a sequel to episode 85. Due to popular demands, we managed to make an episode out of many Thai sentiments on various issues. No explanation needed here. If you enjoyed Rud's style of talk, this episode was for you. Otherwise, you can skip this. We also have a guest, Ben Thaiaporn, who came to introduce Airocide, the air purifier developed on NASA technology.
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